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12:00 – 12:10




12:10 - 13:10

Keynote Address – Jo Morgan

Strength in Numbers
The formation of The Mathematical Association marked the beginning of an era of collaboration amongst maths teachers. Whether in maths department meetings, in local area networks, at national conferences, or in thriving online communities – maths teachers know that there’s strength in numbers. In this talk we’ll look at the development and future of collaboration in maths education. We’ll shine a spotlight on some brilliant examples of maths teachers working together over recent years, to benefit both the children we teach and the development of the profession.

Break 13:10 - 13:20  
Room name    Askew Golding McClure du Sautoy

Session 1

13:20 – 14:20

1A Ruth Trundley
Games to support understanding of number in R/Y1/Y2

1B Louise Maule & Paul Glaister
Using relatable and inspirational role-models to increase engagement in maths to inspire the next generation

1C Author panel with Q&A
If I Could Tell You One Thing

1D Jim Simons
Order and Chaos - Some Mathematical Marvels in the Solar System

Break 14:20 – 14:30  


14:30 - 15:30

Plenary session with Alison Borthwick & Alan Cross

Finding the ‘M’ in STEM This session is about the meaningful integration of subjects based on our strong conviction that explicit subject links are valuable but that they must be meaningful. The contribution of mathematics is irrefutable and is, we feel, both the warp and weft of STEM. However, at a deeper level what does mathematics really bring to the STEM table?

We anticipate this to be an interactive session where we will explore the ‘M’ in STEM through active engagement with our virtual audience. Be prepared to do a little dance, think like a robot and re-engineer existing objects.

Break 15:30 - 15:40  

Session 2

15:40 – 16:40

2A Katie Crozier & Claire Gerrard
Numberline of Duty! Exploring the use of the numberline to strengthen children's ordinal sense of number

2B Max Aantjes & Fiona Yardely
Linking realistic mathematics education to issues of social justice

2C David Bedford & Ben Sparks
Revealing Mathematics

2D Tom Marjoram & Nicola Coe
Adopting a proactive approach to supporting A Level Maths students to keep up rather than catch up.

Break 16:40 - 16:50  

Session 3

16:50 – 17:50

3A Jennifer Field
Embedding the Multiplication Bonds Pedagogical Research Project (Whole School Approaches to Teaching and Learning Times Tables)

3B Douglas Butler
The new Web version of Autograph

3C Gerry Leversha
What is the point of teaching geometry?

3D Julia Smith
A Myriad of Mathematical Methods



Day 1 round-up, fun quiz for prizes & looking ahead to day 2

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