Key: Primary Secondary Post 16 General

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11:00 – 11:45

Teaching Committee Open Meeting


12:00 – 12:10




12:10 - 13:10

Keynote address - Professor Anne Watson

I want to expose the value of professional wisdom and experience as valid sources of true knowledge about what it means to do, know and learn mathematics. Taking the solution of unfamiliar, non-routine, problems as the ultimate aim of school mathematics I shall go beyond the gaze of cognitive science and celebrate the complexities of teaching and learning this wonderful subject.

Break 13:10 - 13:20  
Room name    Askew Golding McClure du Sautoy

Session 4

13:20 – 14:20

4A Alison Borthwick, Ruth Trundley, Laura Tyler
Connecting Research with Practice

4B Jacqui Dennen
Mathematics Catch up

4C Charlie Gilderdale & Liz Woodham
Reasoning, justifying and proving with NRICH: Secondary

4D Colleen Young
Enduring Mathematics Websites

Break 14:20 – 14:30  

Session 5

14:30 – 15:30

5A Jenni Back, Rose Griffiths & Sue Gifford
Making Fractions and Decimals

5B Fay Baldry & Jenni Ingram
Using an international video library to support professional development

5C Sarah Denison
Deeper Maths

5D Tabitha Gould, Darren Macey, Lucy Rycroft-Smith & Rachael Horsman
Multiplicative reasoning: the skeleton key that opens all mathematical doors?

Break 15:30 - 15:40  

Session 6

15:40 – 16:40

6A Tom Harbour
Closing the gap: Engaging all families in maths together at home

6B Nicola Coe & Steve Lyon
Why are lines of best fit always straight? Exploring this, and other questions, that science teachers ask the mathematics department.

6C Kirsty Behan
Entry Level Certificate - The benefits, how to implement it and some resources

6D Steven Walker, Neil Ogden & Ruth Wroe
OCR Core Maths: Enriching students' Level 3 studies

Break 16:40 - 16:50  
Plenary 16:50 – 17:50

Keynote address – Susan Okereke

Numeracy in the UK and the Importance of Maths Teachers

Every student should leave school competent and confident in everyday maths but sadly, this is not the case for many students in the UK.
In this talk Susan will explore the often unspoken issue of poor numeracy in the UK, particularly amongst adults and she will look at the impact this has on our children, our economy and society as whole.

This talk will highlight the crucial role maths teachers play in improving this situation and in making the world a fairer place. Susan will share some ideas on how to support people (children and adults) to enjoy and feel more confident doing maths but the main aim of this talk is to encourage discussion, ideas, sharing and collaboration.

Plenary 17:50  Closing remarks

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